Saturday, August 11, 2012

Standards of imagiNation

wind & water play you
as if your cloth was strings
and there will be light
whilst you tear and shrink 
and flap

all will be bright

day and night 
do not cast their differences
do not fight their ways
but dance!
as long as suns
are beaming
within your chest 
and ears and innards
as long as drums
are clanging 
with your feet 
and heart and hands

with every moment/movement of your flag

your standards of imagiNation
without a nation 
without image
without colours 
with neither coats nor arms
simple smiles are hoisted high and higher
and anchored deep and even lower

all there is 

and all needed is
a circle of light
a nod of thanx
the ways of suns
music and vibes 
without sounds
beauty in the simple stream of breath
the ways of moons
growing and slimming
taking and bringing
full and new
ever changing 
like a wonder/waterfall
or a sky/heart 
in stormy times

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