Friday, August 24, 2012

On Sunday's they climb the mountains

it has been whispered
that there exists a mountain people
on the other side of the blue orange
and it has been told that
their climbers don't stop
when they reach
a mountaintop
it has been smiled
they keep on


& we felt like Rodrigo de Triana
on the Pinta
as the streams of clouds
that put us to high sea
ripped open
for our first glance at the next

there is down and there is up
time for the streams to wander
and the rock ship to stop
pirate SeaSick was close

sun is allowed to peer through
the clouds of our doubts
and warms
the heights of the crow's nest
this barren stony top
were we cower and rest
eat drink and thank
for this rare hospitality
in times of upheaval

we are humble guests
it's from here that we mount
our dragons of playfulness
and surf
wild winds of change

pictures & poetry © 2012 Daniel Graziadei

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