Monday, April 16, 2012

when right is wrong and freedom just another word abused


when right is wrong and freedom just another word abused
then it is time for another line against 
then there is ripe another line's defense
we won't give air to any fake pretense 
so listen and act:

Don't let them roll the wire 
we don't need this fence
Don't let them feed any dark desires
we don't need no bloody defense
Don't let them plant divisive fires
we don't need no electrical fence
no trenches no walls and no barbed wire
no false flag ops no cannon balls to burning tires

What we need is a warm strong hand shake
a home for the searching 
a shelter for the traveling
fair work and healthy eating
open minds in every meeting
with every form in creation
So don't let them roll the wire 
we don't need any fence

We need wild nature for one true embrace
so we don't need no fence's ways
no dugouts no arms and no declaration
instead of old school separation
we need some drastic incorporation
into that world outside of nations
become a small part of all creations

We reject all separating human invention
like a line drawn into the whole mix up
dividing some within the many
not asking much demanding plenty
giving orders and commands 
Do they think us fools on their errands?
Make them give up their demands
for a long and calm embrace
against their fear and the rat race
for our dear peaceful breathing space

So please get along and act now strong:

Give to all the separating ones 
a big smile and an open hand
a strong argument and an impossible confusion
Give them hope in peace instead of a bad land to want
with a hard alphabet and old Newspeak 's pollution
Dig out their landmines and cut the old wire
blow up the dugouts and that highty-mighty craving 
for that final control over some tight tight base
Cast that desire out into the open outer space
and let it become there a lonely desire only
let it be a lonely line only

We reject the whole invention of the possibility of separation
like a line cutting up the whole mix up
dividing some from the whole and the many
not asking much but demanding oh so plenty
all screaming orders and some odd command
we as their soldiers or as fools we were planned

So let us play a downbeat like a reggae jazz band
come let us watch and see their doubtful faces
make them accept their surrender's graces
Then let us share one long and sincere embrace
against their fear and their bad rat race
Let us share a long and a full embrace
for our dear peaceful breathing space
Let us share a long and full embrace
with so many very different kinds of being
intermingling at all times even when deeply disagreeing
with the inconceivable and unbelievable untamed pacifist nation
called positive imagination


This whole entry / dub-poem / rant took its starting point in the PICturePOem above that I titled "the heart of darkness [version ST]"  and which came into existence as a translation of a German version of it. The originals tries to criticize some recent separatist/nationalist propaganda in Southern Tirol, Northern Italy (see p.e. this article in the international version of Spiegel Online, or my German blog entry "Im Herzen der Finsternis"). 

Only via the translation into BIE (Broken International English) it dawned on me, that this is universal, not local. 

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