Sunday, March 04, 2012

refusal of corporate cooperation and the restauration of inner peace

You tell me to write
big city big crime big news big time
kind of best dwelling progressive aggressive 
wonder stories about
spiritual poverty rich bitch glories
right now right here and with a deal

You tell me that no one reads
simple nature silence sunshine waterdrop
kind of rainbow poems
in the cool and hip
concrete surroundings of your realness
but I must confess

if it is your hyposterical hipsterwittical zealness
that I should address
as your very personal ego caress
I cannot sleep that night before
the stage gig
I cannot move that sec before
the button hit
I cannot breathe that moment before
the tongue flick
so I am very ordinarily unconvincingly sorry
for my uncool behavior
and you may as well worry
about my career spice and curry
you may as well unfavour
me right now and here
cause I simply have to publicly adress ad confess

positive vibrations which let me words caress
are made of thank full bless
without egostress
but much more and less
simple love and affection
for this whole interrelational active fantastic cosmic wonder of life
for this second
and chance
thank you
and bless

0527050312 Algund (South Tyrol, Northern Italy)

(c) 2012 Daniel Graziadei 

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