Sunday, February 12, 2012

Decadentist reload 2012

Shortly before the end an overripe fruit unleashed a captivating smell that was only excelled by the chant of the dying swan on a golden lake at sunset. A zealous decadent of the 2012 movement which had been known as hyperactive Y2K conspiracy blogger during the nineties and zeroes had scribbled EndZeit in an armed ghetto style onto the face of Monalisa and became the new internet-video-hype. Somewhere on a remote mountain top a silhuette seems to be in some sort of a rant-chant-dance in the morning light of a winter morning

To oh one two
To oh! one two
To oh! one two
and everyone is waiting for the three
Calamity finality
a count up blow
to oh one two
to oh! one two
to oh one two
and everyone is praying on their knees
paying little big time end time fees
Calamity finality
totality of bancorrupcy
yet another exploitation of our fears
from heart beats' race to flushy tears
a blow up count
to oh one two
to oh! one two
to oh one two
why everyone is buying all those f lying ones
like that returning flying flu from outside to you
and the needle against it
or both fever and folly in the meat on your plague
and a tighter controll at animal farm
oh recycled tales of instability and emergency
serving rules of oppression
and the repeating of the echo of the end of the worlds
plus another savior to ease transition
to oh one two
to oh! one two
to oh one two
So let me ask you one more time
why is everyone here buying all those f lying ones
instead of beaming with the joyful ones
to oh one two
to oh! one two
to oh one two

[this numerology hidden deep inside mumblology
sends your favorite transaction into space and action
sending out:
money, hopes and beliefs
ethic griefs and the human right for optimism
into various black holes of annihilation
coming in and receiving:
yet another kick for your fear
yet another squeeze for your tear
one more dose of mental slavery
cancel transaction:
time to breath and smile and glow
time for inside outside peace to slow
the quickbeat clickspeed of our fear
and the business in get out of it]

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