Saturday, December 31, 2011

Passing to the 12

The times of sun turn longer on one
half of the earth 
but shorter 
on the other

There is no way to tell up
and down in this turning and spinning
Ebb flood and flow follow
the circling pale’s narration
some of earth's heavy tremblings 
and the winds' fiercest persuasions

Bluewhite light's living grace
floating soft in wide and open
endless space 
blessed by a light and its attraction

Comes a year anew
mark of human view
the gaze turned from stars’ wide open
                                     endless daze above
to the tick tack tock of the pressure clock
right on the low pulse of rigid counting
the change into a new number
of exaggerated overvaluation
Offering a change from death to life anew
time to reflect on the self and the whole
over fireworks and celebrations

Overhead galactic bends

Underfeet the earth crusts
in silence
all vibes in-between
blessings of being

In other words: Happy New Year, concentration, unconditional love, many smiles and all the best for twothousandandtwelve!

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