Saturday, November 14, 2009

Venice 09. dark poetry.

Floating body over sunken city

[Variation on an old stereotype: Venice the dark lady.]

dAn november 09 Venice

Venice is going down

but I only hear her

silence and the slightly

nauseating smell of dark waters

& confused behind masks

the last tolls of a hundred

bells are maybe just cries

of millions of seagulls fighting


the dead floating body

surrounded by blinking garbage

and soft weeds

& confused behind masks

there is no air there is no


and a floating body might

just be another dark hole

to see the star spotted night

of one's inner retina

& confused behind masks

one cannot see the

seagull-bell and her closing


floating in dark smelly waters

were last blurbs shatter

the moving surface

& there is no air

(c) Daniel Graziadei 2009

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