Monday, December 29, 2008

Words out of heart's ache

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Whenever I see the news

flashes and whenever I hear the latest death

tolls I hear this war War WAR! deep in my ears

And whenever I hear our white collar red and blue

tie kind of guys talking about not talking but bombing

some so-called terrorists back into stone ages I think of Hitler

and that faked attack by German special troops in some Polish

costumes. And again I hear war War WAR! deep in my bloody head

So when twin towers crumble and red busses explode and morning trains

and subways and hotels and warships and cars and persons and discoteques blow to pieces...

I hear this haunting refrain

and it's rhythm doesn't fit

to the cycle of my blood pumping

one love, ONE LOVE, 1 LUV

And now that the bombs fall

again and the mortars and the missiles kill

again and now that the industry of armament is grinning

its big big biz and winner's smile again

Now that the kids are screaming

with the jets and bombs

Now that the kids are bleeding

with the city, land and scape

Now that the hate is pressure rising

again and every one has his opinion and her side

a flag, a song, a demonstration

Now I hear the screams of ancient furies

on news flashes and roof tops everywhere on every tide

But I do not surrender my pulse

And I will not surrender my rhythm

And I do not surrender one love

And I will keep and tender white dove

And I do not take sides

And I will never deal hides

And I do not

And I kill not



I should silence myself

Better it would be and easy and free

(no friends I would lose on both sides of this bloodied river and its ready-to-throw silt)

I should silence myself - some say -

due to historical reasons and guilt

(Colonialism, Nazism and all that killing spree)

I could silence myself

but alas, what a silencer that would be on my poetical head

I could silence myself

but my ass, what a headshot that would be on my poetical dread

So speak I must

So write I must

hitting dust

between frontiers


on that forbidden wall

that Banksy coloured (the way I would too)

so let's end this rhyme 'n' stand silent, stand tall


who have the tanks and the jets and the might and the right

friends overseas and this everglooming historical plight

from Egyptian times to this very night

you could read your scriptures:

One I for an I


who have scorn and have zeal and have spittle

just to drown the other side and an ideal of world union

How about a little peace on your own side

instead of all that cutting and whittle

Hostages of splinters and fractions

you could read your scriptures:

You were not created to bombing die


both of you!

Unconditional love for the same land

unconditional love for the same God

how come you learned to hate your brethren?


both of you!

Cutting your men the same way

cutting your meat the same way

how come you learned to butcher your sistren?

You, both of you!

Shame on your war-mongers

your weapon traders

your killers

Shame on you

for not caring enough

for your children to raise

lambs instead of an army

For not trying hard and tough

to share that land that you love

in peace and harmony

Shame on you

for oh easily falling

for such bloody bait

as fury and


You will say

I am an infidel

both of you

You will say

I am an ignorant

both of you

You will say

and you will sway

and find excuses

But all over the world

word has it

that your conflict

might just be

the ultimate key

to peace

So don't

tell me

not to



tell me

not to


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