Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New 2 Naples and before 2 Procida

Once again we meet on this blinking screen. Once again I brought some Italian poetry. Well, globalEnglish poetry written in Italy, Southern Italy that is. Neapolis, the new Greek polis and Procida, that which lies forth in the maritime logic of ancient archipelagic times give some rhymes. Down there, late Summer was still beaming with yellow light. I stored a lot of it. May some reach you by reading this. 

Reasoning Language

What we say and how we pronounce it
might just change the way 
we perceive it 
and decide 
if we believe it or if 
we despise or regret it

Walking Naples

When walking Naples
stereotypes crumble like some 
of the old palaces and I realize
that what others despise and
criticize, ridicule and vaporize
(verbally, mentally or even actually like 1943-45) 
is sometimes (and more than often) 
what I love and what I cherish
because it's life and live and full
of energy

Love is life and life is love 
if you don't try to be above 
but right in the middle 
of things going on 
Things not to come or gone 
but in your breath 
Neither blind nor dead 
but feeling 
with every string of this temple
-your body – 
and this light 
– your soul – 
walking Naples

2 holy trinity (partial version)

Going back from Procida to Munich on September 19th 2010
a Sunday that liquefies San Gennaro's blood in sunny Naples

every word underlines 
the distance
but still we advance 
cause if we don't 
believe in the impossible 
what could ever be 
our hopeful stance

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