Tuesday, May 06, 2008

No Poem [for three voices]

dAn 1548050508 Forstenried

I should write about Sex

but I think its rhymes make me flex

I should write about Drugs

but all is drinks and mugs and hugs

I should write quite right

but the wind of change blows a different kite

Ssht! Hide!

A, a-a, a-a-a, ey! What you tink you mumblin?

No poem to cheat

No poem for sheep

No poem in cheap

No poem to weep

A, a-a, a-a-a-a, ey!

Under plastic palms white whales do lie

under blueblue sky lonely gull no cry

This is not the magic island of thy dreams

this is not holy earth under sun's beams

this is just a stone in a sea of rocks

this is just one broad back of bloody flocks

A, a-a, speak up, come, say!

This ain't all bright and nice

hehe mister music give out some spice

This is to fight up twice

hey mister government take me advice

This is bad street and mice

stand up mister lazar shake off those lice

This ain't all right six dice

hehe mister gambler tell me your price

A, a-a, na-na-na-na, stop!

Thrice seems suffice

Under plastic palms I stare at bigbig bills

under blueblue sky not a cloud on the hills

This is not the magic island of my dreams

this is not the only earth under glory's beams

It is about one hole in the blue

but it is just a story for you

Get down knave, kneel pray!

No verse sound sleep

No poem short sleep

No poem dreams deep

No poem to peep

A, a-a, a-a-a, ey!

I know I should rant about Sex

but I think its rhymes make me flex

I grow I should rant about Drugs

but all is drinks and puke and jugs

But man, believe! I DO rant

and a little seed I will plant

A, a-a, a-a-a, ey!

Plant it deep

let water weep

let nature feed

plant it deep

Under plastic palms lies big economy

whilst under blueblue sky this ecolony

is not the magic island of thy dreams

but a nightmare of ¡oh so cruel! extremes


One poem in deep

One poem to keep

One poem to repeat

One poem to read

out aloud and sing and shout

but only full of hope

Only full of hope

Hey, tell it, man, finally tell it!

Better than a plastic Eden

and longlong legs from Sweden

is the sweetsweet kiss of brutal reality

on this planetary island in rural universe and duality


(c) dAn 2008

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