Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Island spotting on my mind

Rain is falling and

a swift breeze rises
German summer seems

over and my heart goes out
to the Caribbean
and the places I touched
a year ago
Soft sand between eager toe
and the coral blue reflecting
in my glistering eyes
whilst behind my uplifted dreads
the green green jungle
roars waiting for the first
smoke to rise
So he can come
down on

Grey clouds are stalling and
a cold wind surprises
German summer deems
to be over and my voice goes out
whilst dreaming the Caribbean
and the islands watched
on that mindmap aglow
Soft sand will change for snow
and the coral blue expecting
is just a shadow in my eyes
whilst in everchanging beds
I quench my haunting thirst
for the hummingbird's cries
So I n I pray come
down on
dAn 1742200808 Forstenried

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