Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thank you Mister Right Wing

Your Iraq spells Vietnam

and all the books of history

yes all your films and veterans

in vain

The cry of sanity and peace

in blue wide grinning sky

when spring 2003 killed hope

‘cause April blossom carried arms

and bombs and devastation


Your Iraq smells Vietnam

no luck no peace no victory

but fresh hot oil in cheaper cans

In pains

the beast howls off the leash

Killed in vain

so many thousands have gone by

bullets, bombs, starvation, rope

and desert air is shrill alarms

All wrong and war’s dictation


Your Iraq bells Vietnam

one sound so far from glory

that creeping through all media runs

in shame

and takes what it can seize

Grilled in vain

on shiny reason’s tight knit tie

high on proper propaganda dope

and monger’s warring charms

What helpless desperation


Your Iraq tells Vietnam

A tale so dark and hoary

that overspills all borders and all clans

in chains

of unknown brutal Western breeze

Milled their reign

in bloody sands that’ll never dry

but crackling creep from slope to slope

No oasis lives without grieved harms

and protest and resistance eat frustration


Your Iraq hells Vietnam

Hush, hush!

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