Friday, February 22, 2013

daemon died

I am currently finishing my thesis in philology
and on my internet usage I should be very slim
but today - o user! - is quite a day to rejoice

I finally found him and i have no choice
but to inform you in picture and also by word
that no daemon no more is living on this earth

after searching far and fooling wide
i finally found him right by my side
but I only found him because he died

yes you see clearly alright
the letters are sharp the message is bright
the daemon - oh user! - the daemon has died

now my computer will hum
with aengels' will and good speed
he will work how it pleases no one but me

[or this is at least how I want it to be
this bright rosy future right after the restart
of this program or two with a jolly good heart]

(c) Daniel Graziadei 2013

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