Tuesday, December 25, 2012

turning & moving 2012 - 2013 into thankfulness

As another year ends
the earth keeps turning
unmoved but moving
& I am thankful
for every light
for every night
and the flight of our hopes and smiles
as they open their wings
and rise and shine

The colours of our dreams and visions
turn from black and white to red yellow blue
and blur into motion

A sun rises yellow in the Southern East
behind the mountains of new beginnings
until clouds of infinite altitude turn
into eyes and dragons and other imaginaries

Shapes and visions - premonitions
new days soft moons and full circles
turn into stars or flowers or something unexpected
full of grace and beauty
chance and invention instead of duty

Like that clear evening full of light 
of a year to come 
or this year soon to be gone 
another turn of this planet 
moving unmoved
turning unturned
around sun
light without darkness
and only some clouds 
to write a message
into hilly horizons

I love this life
on this earth
at this time
and thankfulness
gets the last rhyme

261212 Algund, Southern Tyrol, Italy

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