Friday, November 16, 2012


After seeing two furious interviews on Aljazeera

1919161112 MUC

But all you can see
in front of your hate
ridden face and rect
-angular glasses
how he's holding her
and her daughters
and sons hostage
You see a crime
against humanity
as they cower around
the angry bearded man
in their crowded cage
at You
his very
precise Other

| &
| with
| the passing
| of time and reigns
| violence became violense
| all eyes one sense
| all muscles tense
| full time
| no peace
| to the body
| and the mind
| just fear
| turned
| sour
| to hate
| and
| into a
| border fence
| an ugly grey scar
| ridge of that flat dry volcano
| close to that ancient coast of our Middle Sea
| where the bored waves don't cool no heat no more
| where fires burst under the entertained gaze of Latest News

You &
the Other
you Brothers
have started your
fight under the olive trees again
all birds
and goats have fled
there is too much noise
too much dirt
too much blood
too much smoke
and you never
come up with
the simple
power of
a handshake
a forgive you
and the poetics
of raising
doves on
ing roofs

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