Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Writing poetry on a day in September


& some & the media & the Xpertz want this to be
a day of towerss
a day of terrors
a day of flights
a day of lossess

but 111 days before the end
of yet another digit in Western years
it may well be the first day of Coptic and Ethiopian countings
but not the anniversary of the beginning of a new time of fear
but not the anniversary of a change before we can
and certainly not the anniversary of the start of a mission that will never accomplish

It just feels like yet another day
brutal and deadly          calm and boring            peaceful and lovely
in a spiralling world
always changing always many
and I only get a feel of it
as heartbeat
as moment
as wonder
as breath
as now

& so I will not try
to insert my kind of story
into the screaming narration/repetition of specials
cause Shabine already told us from the depths of the Sea
“I met History once, but he ain't recognize me”

[may all victims of violence in the manystories of this planet rest in peace
may all species in extinction rest in peace
may all rest in the assurance that no one leaves life alive
may all hidden fears of this uncertain certain death turn into a joyful now
may all smile in peace and ease tensions and worries]

Special thanks are due: to Derek Walcott for "The Schooner Flight" and Kamau Brathwaite for "Guanahani"

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