Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Stone of Hamlet

down by the riverside

swans await their sunday special

cold wind * warming winter sun + cold blue water

canards throw a flight show into windy skies

racing too fast too close over my camera eyes

    slow fingers turn to stone...

Once upon a time

there was a land by the great waters

where the Stones lived a peaceful and quiet life 


but there was strive on the horizons and the winds whispered of a discontent

that soon should fly by not to amend but to break the plain field of harmony

Up on the tower in game play with gravity the observing eye of peacefulness

was the first to observe signs and lights of deep distress 

reflecting on the river

first shiver

It summoned walls against the anger and the fear

to clear the field and soothe the vision

second shiver

A ring of force was created

and a wave of peace ran through a sea of stones

preparing the field and setting the stage

for an old story of lust greed and rage

a story about power and the shifting of thrones

Meet Prince Hamlet 

in a stony and untrue translation of Shakespeare's invention

There he stands without a knave 

in the setting of a sun next to his father's grave

There is hope in despair burning on his pale face

because peace is amiss and all hatred has no grace

when you're up against your self and your very own place

But the shoulder of the tower renewed his confidence

and he staged a cunning play for all men to see 

themselves in a mirror of stones

asking questions throwing bones

 How often are you the king in lust and greed?

How often are you the queen in the same need?

How often are you Hamlet obeying his father's ghostly pleads?

And when do you turn into another Hamlet freeing souls playing beats?

& now imagine 

that Hamlet 

is no role and no stone

is nothing but your mind and your voice

rising high and clear in peaceful opposition

against the abasement of all blessed ones by greed and pressure

& you will counter with forgiveness and a caress

for those who torture themselves and all others 

when spreading the same pains they suffered

& you will simply show them that

we do not have to live on exploitation 

of the Self and of that Other your brother

we may prosper in exaltation

of the humble ways

& then you may smile in revelation

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