Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Some views and oddities - between Valletta and Mdina

I continue today without those many words

Here come the colours of another two days

without that stormy wind

of beginnings

but sunny set

and with some specialties right out of the streets
- from Valletta to Mdina -

the plazas

the walls

the fields

and statues

all sport their shiny ways
just like the knight's golden cathedral

Full of gold and full of lime stone
tone in tone
set to stay
but hey
here they come
the oddities!

from broken crosses

to broken crashed ads

to hanged cctvs

and destroyed faces

the list goes on to question sender and receiver

 but also if the good appearance is a deceiver
and if only the shadow still shows the plight
of that transfer on one of these nights
on a rocky boat on Our Middle Sea
were they paid for the passage
into slavery

but hey
I did not ask
and am probably wrong

they walk fast and trod strong
into another night


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