Sunday, October 13, 2013

Some protest while the masses are shopping

A lead gray sky thrones
over the Bavarian capital
on a Saturday in October

While the masses were paying tribute
to their temples of consumption
some were protesting

against those most audacious highpriests
preaching the cult of greed
selling their malicious modifications

of plants our crops our food our body
under the guise of benefits merits gains
and a solution to malnutrition

But no, even if their scientists get Nobels and wings
some say no to GMO
Some are not to be fooled

The merry few -- from farmer to housewife to musician to student and punk --
were clear to see, easy to hear and eager to explain
to the steady flood of saturday afternoon shoppers

and fast food consumers from the chain right opposed
that this was World Food Day 
and that there were urgencies to oppose without delay

"Genetically modified food makes us sick" sports one
the other cites "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed..."
and on the mobile stage a Rastaman sings oh no, no, no, no gmo.


The massive stream of shoppers and strollers 
is not to be stopped merely slowed 
by a petition for a UN-law to stop the Ecocide, by songs and leaflets 

The clouds were in retreat for some time and the sun warmed faces hearts and the square
Then the sky turns apocalyptic 
and the beautiful victim from tomorrow gives us and our times a last nostalgic glance




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