Tuesday, September 10, 2013

instead of crossing the alps: giving up to climb higher

I wanted to walk from door to door. From Munich to Meran. Me and Myself into the central European adventure.


I wanted to cross the Alps and walk against the streaming of rivers

 through woods and valleys of bliss and beauty

But in the lowlands

one night and two days after the beginning
I had to give in
to excessive heat
to excessive weight
to excessive miles
to excessive want
on a long straight road where
once upon a time in a dark brown yesterday
people were stumbling out of a Lager into uncertain freedom
full of hunger and hopes
I gave up where they walked on

just to find myself on mountaintops
of prayers

 in the deep embrace of the woods and heights surrounding my hometown with the Dolomites fuming in the distance

sporting their advertising smile

 between clouds and sunshine

mirrors of silent beauty
and the depth of our selves
where twinkling details abound
and give you silence as a present/presence
ánd the over-saturated meadows of massive farming could so easily be forgotten
and the roaring of the motorbikes on alpine roads could be simply overheard

in exchange for a hug and a smile
and the deep conviction: not all is right but you may walk into that direction
 one step after the other
one breath after the other

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