Monday, September 05, 2011

Mare e monti: Between Mühltal & Istanbul

In the meantime the dinosaur has found the wide awoken eye of the narrator and tries to hunt it down.

Finally, as we start watching, he traps it on the seaside. The mountainous beach turns red.

Side by side they weep until darkness collapses around the last real blink of sunlight.... ight... ght... t... .

Under bridges over calmed waters
between continents and seaways

we eat the fruits of the wet
and yes we are
thankful greatful
and soon also bellyful

A blessing it is to be here
A blessing it is to fly here
A great lesson it is to be

The sun agrees and sends some
beams and wind with it
illuminating the house of death
showing peace and patience

Every little thing is changing
and yes we are with it
in it
for and in
so many dimensions

ever changing ever grinning ever spinning
in this wheel of foreign fortunes

wheeling with the gulls
in between somewhere nowhere everywhere
always deciding if the sun should rise
or if the clouds in tides
should crisscross the sky

with bridges and calmed waters

& when imagination strands
in a shipwreck

without island

it is seaweed
or a fleeting sandbank
that will do
water games
write funny names
into currents
and water jets

every drop
and {the possibility of} a

Even the smallest
and most meaningless
is light

image and part of the whole
written down

to go up

 SouthTyrol / Istanbul summer 2011

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