Saturday, July 07, 2007

Book of life

Book of falling pages I will have to leave you soon

Book of fewest rages I will have to shut you soon

Book of many stages life is on my moon

book of many ages there is always room

for yet another story yet another time

yet another glory and another rhyme

No place to worry one place to chime

with no other hurry than the body of mine

gives me takes me leaves me is and is to be

yes wanna be and gonna be free to see

what there is and what there might just be

between here, there and me

traveling right through the middle and the place to be

is here and on sea sides where turtle slides

back into shallow water and on mountain peaks where the Rasta resides

and the maroon once again hides

as life is a circle and me just in it a bicycle rides.

Please go out and sing it. Yes do trim it.

Sing it just the way it is. Bring it to the stage of your choice

don’t you lower your voice,

it is beautiful to hear on this open and clear beach,

this high mountain peak and some other places in reach.

Bleach your so called civilization,

it is just a bad imagination

and lifetimes of propaganda in full frustration.

This is one occasion to change to another radio station

and tune in with softer spots, big green dots of life.

Strive to be with the powers that made you.

Don’t sniff the big cities glue

just get another hue

of green bless and do

nature, the earth do caress!

dAn1725060707 Ocho Rios, JAM

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