Thursday, December 14, 2006

Same ol' bitch-mess wrong

Right on.

Give me that bitch-mess shit.

Yes, the whole choking bit.

I tried to hide.

I tried to get by, slide.

But now I'm standing right here

But now I'm standing right there.

In the middle of Babylon.

In the heart of Buyingdom.

In the middle of little shacks

golden shimmering stacks

loud singing packs

Little angels with horrifying cheeks

staring happily for weeks n weeks.

What a mess. Ou bitch!

suddenly I am part of a heaven gone kitsch

or is it crazy paranoia of some old witch?

Am I sharing the navel of a world gone rich?

Ou bitch!

Of a world in a hurry in a flurry?

with too lil spice and too lil curry?

Ou mess!

A world rather sweetened

a world overseasoned?

Ou bitch!
It is always the same short quicky

at the end of yet another year

gone tricky

gone on the fast lane?

Yes, it is all the waiting who's to blame.

Ou bitch! Ou mess!

Could you please pass some time?

I shout it out!

Could you please pass some time?


Next to me: a wonderful dark angel

is freezing is waiting is thoughtful is looking

and I try to imagine how waiting would feel like

Waiting for her in the double sense of meaning

waiting in any case

waiting instead of living

waiting as substance and base

waiting and giving

giving in

to bitch-mess time.

But alas!

All humanity seems to be waiting no matter from where

no matter if you care

no matter when

big clock Big Ben

It is I who stands here yet there

and while asking why thoughts are going by

people keep strolling and memories floating

byebye bye!

Black stained ink is waiting to dry

for eyes to fly

for a dove to spy

for a child to cry

without any reason

in this

blessed best rest crest ever season.

But rewind and cum again!

Could you please pass some time?

Together – alone – forever??!

Ou bitch! Ou mess!

What a wrong!

Ou bitch! Ou mess!

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