Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Starting from the bottomline

It is time
fi some rhyme!?

Hello and welcome to 'It's time 4 dAn'!

Please feel nice and comfi, leave your shoes outside and your surfgear too, come in and be @ home. I am starting this blog for a few reasons:
  1. U know, it's time 4 dAn
  2. I will be in Latin America @ the beginning of 2007 and be a tourist with typewriter
  3. Poetry needs to be on the net

Yep, these R the reasons. And... if U C it as a coincidence that I start this blog on a special day, think again, or send Ur virus to the next ballot machine.

But now is no time for politricks.
Time 4 dAn
Nice 3 poetry
Time 2 start
Time 1 time


U can

way better

Nice sunny weather
write a peaceful letter

Time for some
Time for one


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